Russell Brand supports call to end child detention and ECDN


The actor, comedian and social activist Russell Brand has thrown his support behind the global campaign to end the detention of children in immigration facilities around the world. In a recent edition of the Trews he lampoons Australian PM Tony Abbott for justifying the locking up of hundreds of innocent child migrants in order to ‘deter’ people smugglers. The Trews  also featured a video produced by Kitty Thatcher that showed while children imprisoned by the Australian government suffered, rich corporate security giants like Serco and G4S profited from a lucrative trade in human misery. The UK being an especially profitable market for the global detention industry.

In a welcome boost to UK campaigners against child immigration detention which Russell revealed is still going on despite Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s promise to end it – he encouraged Trews viewers to support groups such as End Child Detention Now. Our Facebook group page has been flooded with dozens of new members – thanks to everyone for joining! And you can also like our new Facebook group page here.

The Facebook group page has details of a letter writing campaign that we are kicking off ahead of the general election demanding that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, puts an end to child detention once and for all.

You can find the model letters here as well as on our Facebook page. Please get in touch if you have further ideas for campaign initiatives or if you would like to help either via Facebook or

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