Barnardo’s Telephone Protest Announced

Campaigners against the opening of new family detention facilities which are to be jointly provided by the global security and prisons corporation G4S and the UK children’s charity Barnardo’s have announced a BARNADO’S TELETHON for Tuesday 26 April 2011.

London NoBorders are urging opponents of Barnardo’s involvement in the brand new detention facility at Pease Pottage in Sussex, which has the capacity to detain in excess of 1,400 people per year, to call their nearest Barnardo’s regional office on Tuesday 26th April to protest against the charity’s involvement in the detention and deportation industry.

Below are the contact numbers for all the Barnardo’s regional offices:

London and South East       020 8551 0011
South West                  0117 937 5500
Yorkshire                   0113 393 3200
Midlands                    0121 550 5271
North West                  0151 488 1100
Scotland                    0131 334 9893
Wales                       0292 049 3387
North East                  0191 240 4800
Northern Ireland            0289 067 2366

For more info about the pre-departure accommodation see:

One thought on “Barnardo’s Telephone Protest Announced”

  1. I’m so shocked that Barnardo’s, of all people, is helping the government to break its promise to stop detaining children. How did you ever think that this would be acceptable on any level at all, given the documented evidence of the damage that detention does to children?

    These children and their parents have not committed any crime.

    If Barnardo’s and all the other children’s charities stuck together and refused to implement the new idea for turning Arora hotel into ‘secure accommodation’ – ie yet another kind of prison – then the government might well climb down.
    There are historical precedents.

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