Sleep out to end destitution of all asylum seekers

More than 30 sleep-outs in support of destitute asylum seekers are being organised around the country beginning this week and continuing into March by Amnesty UK, Student Action for Refugees and Still Human Still Here.

The aim is to raise awareness and show solidarity with the thousands of asylum seekers all over the UK who are made destitute when their refugee statuses are refused. With no support or money they often become homeless; this action is part of ‘Still Human Still Here‘, an ongoing campaign to end the destitution of asylum seekers.

Those taking part in the Cardiff and York  sleep-outs on 25 February (details of the York event coming soon) will be signing Keep Your Promise postcards and sending them to Cameron and Clegg as a reminder of the coalition’s promise not to put any more children in immigration detention.

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  1. The event below may be of interest…

    Still Human – Still Here: A collection of short talks on child detention
    and asylum destitution, followed by Q&A.

    Date: Friday 25th February
    Time: 6:30pm
    Venue: University of York, Wentworth College, Room W/222
    Free, all welcome!

    Confirmed speakers include:

    Martin Jones, lecturer in international human rights law based at the
    Centre for Applied Human Rights. Martin is a founding and active member of
    the Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network, its voluntary director of research
    and training and a consultant to refugee legal aid organizations in Cyprus,
    Egypt, Hong Kong, Jordan, Malaysia and Turkey. In 2008, he co-founded the
    Egyptian Foundation for Refugee Rights which provides legal aid to refugees
    and migrants in Egypt. He serves as the chair of the Legal Aid Working
    Group of the Asia Pacific Network for Refugee Rights, a regional coalition
    of over 100 NGOs, and sits on its steering committee.

    Mary McCormack, co-coordinator for the campaign group End Child Detention
    Now. Mary is also a trustee for York-based refugee and asylum organisation,
    Refugee Action York.

    This event, hosted by York University Amnesty International, seeks to
    highlight and debate the experiences of asylum seekers in the UK.
    Currently, thousands of people are experiencing extreme poverty in the UK
    after being refused asylum. Without any support or permission to work they
    are left destitute, unable to meet the basic needs of themselves and their

    Despite a promising start by the coalition government, with a promise to
    end the detention of children of asylum seekers in the UK, our asylum
    system continues to be inadequate. The UK remains rare among EU and
    commonwealth countries for its continued forcible detention of around 2000
    children every year. Further, coalition cuts risk worsening asylum
    destitution, increasing individuals’ vulnerability to exploitation,
    isolation and worsening physical and mental health.

    The event promises to be lively – seeking to explore these issues through
    practitioner perspectives.

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