Arora Hotels Back in Deportation Business

From London NoBorders 31 January 2011

London NoBorders has received information that THE hotel Company Arora
International [1] has started a second attempt to make money from the
Home Office’s deportation business. The company plans to use the site
of a residential school for children with behavioural and learning
difficulties in Pease Pottage, Crawley, Sussex owned by the Arora Group
subsidiary “The Crossroads Childrens (sic) Education Services Ltd.”,
into an immigration detention facility. It is the second attempt by
Arora Hotels to extend their business into detention following the
company’s failure to gain planning permission to turn one of their
hotels in Crawley into a holding facility for immigrants in 2010. [2]
Crawley Forest School has been told to vacate the property by 1 April

The facility is located in Pease Pottage just outside Crawley.
According to the letter from consultant firm CGMS Consulting [3] the
location would be excellent due to its close proximity to Gatwick
airport. Locals will be surprised to learn that Arora plans to push the
whole planning process through within the next few weeks, filing the
application this week and expecting the facility to be open by 11 May.

The letter makes no secret that the facility is planned to replace the
use of Yarl’s Wood and nearby Tinsley House detention facilities for
holding families and children, and explicitly refers to this fact as an
explanation of the need for urgency. The letter also explicitly refers
to children inside the holding centre. Not only is the UKBA extending
their detention capacity, but the government is also breaking their
pledge to end the detention of children.

Rosie Young of London NoBorders stated: “Arora seems to be attempting
to move into the immigration detention business at any price. this time
they want to do it quickly and silently.”

Thomas Harburg of London NoBorders added: “”It is obvious what trick the
Home Office is playing here.It does not matter what they call
this facility, if you are forced to be held in a building with a fence
around it, waiting to be deported, it is another immigration detention
facility. All that talk about the ending of the detention of children
and families was just a media stunt”

London NoBorders, who have campaigned against Arora in 2009/10,
announced today that they will immediately start a campaign against the
new facility. “If Arora thought they get this through without anybody
noticing it,” says Rosie Young, “they have failed”.

For any further enquiries, please contact:
Tel: 07535319119

[3] a copy of the letter can be found at:

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