No reprieve for Sehar as UKBA threatens to separate mother and baby on 9 hour trip to Yarl’s Wood

As the government announces that Dungavel will no longer be used for the detention of children, but will be re-purposed as ‘a health check’ facility for families who are facing removal, young mother Sehar Shebaz and her baby are being transported in a prison van to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire from where the Home Office plans to deport her to Pakistan where she faces violent retribution from her husband’s family after fleeing from domestic violence.

Sehar said: “I told them please don’t send me and my baby in the van for nine hours she is too young, I asked them to speak to my lawyer. But she (Dungavel staff member) just told me, “Look either you go in the van or we will take your baby in a separate van and you wont see her until you get to Yarl’s Wood.”

Sehar Shebaz and her 8 month old baby Wania who are facing deportation to Pakistan

Robina Qureshi from Positive Action in Housing, Glasgow who has been campaigning on behalf of the family stated:

The new announcement about ending child detention in Scotland means nothing for Sehar, families are simply being driven hundreds of miles and being locked up in Yarl’s Wood in England. The victory was very hollow and we have won no concessions in this case. Please could you use whatever power you possess to stop Sehar and her baby being taken to Yarl’s Wood this morning.

Please express your concern at the treatment of Sehar Shebaz and her baby and call for their immediate release and return to Glasgow.


Danny Alexander, Secretary of State for Scotland

First Minister Alex Salmond

Tavish Scott, leader of the Lib Dems MSPs

Nick Clegg, Lib Dems leader

Tam Baillie, Childrens Commissioner

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