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HACKNEY CITIZEN: Diane Abbott is right to call for Yarl’s Wood closure, say campaigners. Signatures sought for petitions to End Child Detention Now

The Hackney Citizen Tuesday 30 March 2010 As former Hackney residents and [current] coordinators of the End Child Detention Now campaign, we wholeheartedly agree with Diane Abbott that Yarl’s Wood detention centre should be closed before further damage is caused to children and to the UK’s reputation (Hackney MPs clash over child detention at Yarl’s […]

Can Labour ‘out-nasty’ the Tories on asylum?

Phil Woolas’s defence of the inhumane Yarl’s Wood removal centre reflects Labour’s shift to the right on asylum Simon Parker, The Guardian, Comment is Free, Thursday 25 March 2010, 15.00 GMT. Phil Woolas’s response to a further damning report on Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre by the chief inspector of prisons shows that the government has […]

Refugee & Migrant Justice report finds UKBA treatment of children “inhumane and unlawful”

Refugee and Migrant Justice, a charity that provides legal advice and support to asylum-seekers and other vulnerable migrants in the UK, today issued a report  Safe at Last. Children on the front line of UK Border Control which found consistent evidence of the government’s failure to abide by its safeguarding duties under Section 55 of […]

Corry Hewitt: an inspiration in the campaign to end child detention

Corry Hewitt One of the early, dedicated supporters of End Child Detention Now, Corry Hewitt, died in February and is a great loss to the campaign. Corry’s anger at the injustice of child detention continues to inspire us and we remember her with much love and gratitude.

Hillier – detention prevents sale of trafficked kids to failed asylum seekers

Responding to Michael Morpurgo’s film on the detention of children at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, Home Office Minister Meg Hillier gave an astonishing interview in which she stated in response to a question from presenter Jo Coburn: Let’s be clear, nobody wants to see children detained. Certainly I don’t. But we do have an […]

Outsourcing abuse – UKBA’s handcuffing of detainees “disproportionate, unnecessary and inappropriate”

A Home Office commissioned report by Baroness Nuala O’Loan [now removed from the Home Office website with no archive link!] into a catalogue of serious abuses that detainees alleged they suffered at the hands of the UK Border Agency’s security contractors claimed not to have found evidence of ‘systematic abuse’, but did highlight alarming operational failures […]

Liberal Democrats call for end to child detention

The Liberal Democrat Spring Conference today pledged its commitment to ending child detention in immigration centres. Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said: “It is a moral stain on this country’s proud reputation in accepting refugees that we are routinely locking up children for months at a time even though they have committed no […]

Mashal released by judge pending new age determination investigation

Campaigners for the release of young Afghani orphan Mashal Jabari were delighted to hear that following a judicial review being lodged the judge agreed the following interim measures: until another full age assessment is completed, Mashal is to be considered 14 years of age and placed with a foster family in Wales where he has some support. After […]

Welsh Refugee Council urgent call to stop detention and removal of 14 year old Afghan orphan

A 14 year old orphan has been arrested & detained in Campsfield Immigration Removal centre near Oxford, which exclusively holds adult males, and is due to be deported because the authorities claim not to believe he is under 18. His older brother has refugee status — the authorities accept that the older brother is under 18. . .As they […]